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Zahedi dates suppliers and import them

Zahedi dates suppliers in the world are often Iraq and Iran . Iraqi date Zahedi is one of the most popular types of exportation. This date in Iran is also very high quality. Zahidi dates import from Iran to other countries with the best conditions.

Zahedi dates suppliers

Zahedi’s dry dates

Fars and Bushehr Areas are the two main arbors of Zahedi’s dry date production in Iran. Zahedi or Zahidi dates in Fars province, and especially in the Farashband region, has a desirable quality. The quality of Dashtestan dates in Bushehr province is usually suitable for the export market. The dates of this area are known as Super Zahedi mansion. Many traders and date customers take their Zahedi dates to Bushehr at the beginning of the harvest season.

Zahedi dates

Zahedi date features

  • Shape: It has an oval and short appearance, narrowed to the end.
  • Size: 3.5 centimeters
  • Grid: AAA, AA and A
  • Moisture: Less than 14%
  • Tissue: Semi-dry and dry
  • Color: Yellow to light brown
  • Taste: Despite the high sugar content, it does not have a very sweet taste.
  • Time taken: September to October

zahidi date

Zahedi’s dates are also known as dry yellow dates in Iran. Most European countries, which are dry date importers, are known as yellow dates.

Zahedi Date Packing

These dates are usually prepared in bulk or in packages of 500 and 800 grams for the domestic market. You can buy Zahedi dates in bulk packages of 5kg and 10kg.

zahedi date import Zahedi dates suppliers

Also, Zahedi dates import into European and Asian countries, small packaging and sanitary packaging. PVC or Nano packs (500 gr) are suitable for zahedi date.

Zahedi dates suppliers

Dates Arad is one of the suppliers of various types of export dates in Iran. Zahedi dates are the most delicious and most famous dates in the world. In Iran, in many areas, Zahedi dates are produced, the Dashtestan area in Bushehr has the highest production.

Importing Zahedi dates to the countries of the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, India, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Europe and other countries.

zahedi dates

As noted, paying attention to the quality of the dates and the type of packaging to introduce the product in the export market will help your business to succeed. The degree of moisture, quality and color of Zahedi date is also important in the export of it.

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