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Import dry dates to India from Iran

Import dry dates and fresh are possible in a variety of packaging  to other countries. The import of a variety of dry dates from Iran to countries such as Russia, Turkey and India has been very influential in the economic prosperity of countries.

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Iranian  dates

Iran is considered to be the world’s only date palm groves. The country has the ability to cultivate over 400 types of dates. Many types of dried dates are still unknown in Iran. For example, Rabbi dates in the Iranshahr region are mostly sold to other countries for export.

Rabbi Date
Rabbi Date

Do you know the dates of Iranian export dates? Do you know which dates are suitable for importing dates to other countries?

Types of Iranian dried dates

Southern regions and part of western Iran because of water. Tropical weather is prone to growing palm trees. Sistan and Baluchestan province and Kerman province produce the most dry dates. Many of these figures are still unknown due to lack of facilities and advertising.

Types of dry dates in southern Iran include:

  • Dry Rabbi dates
  • Piarom dates
  • Desky dates
  • Zahedi dates
  • Lulu dates
  • Dry yellow dates
  • Deyri dates
  • Medjol Dates

Import dry dates Import dry dates

Piarom, Rabbi and Zahedi dates have the highest sales. It is interesting to know that dates are the only bestseller and export figures in the world that are cultivated in Iran. Exporting and importing these dates is very lucrative.

Import dry dates

Iran made the second place in 2013 in terms of date production. But the export of a variety of dried dates in Iran has already won the seventh place among the countries producing and exporting the dates.

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Items that are effective in importing dry dates are:

  1. Dry date quality
  2. Their availability for high volumes
  3. Price and packaging are suitable

One of the varieties of palm trees, which is mainly produced in the Iranshahr area of ​​Sistan and Baluchestan province, is Rabi dates. Due to its semi-dry texture and long shelf life, these dates are a good option for supply to other countries. Rabbi dates are often exported to Russia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, India and European countries.

Import dry dates

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