Sayer dates suppliers and Exporter Company in Iran

Sayer dates suppliers in Iran are often located in Khuzestan province. Interestingly, more than 60 percent of Iran’s export dates are produced in the region every year. Arad dates is one of the largest suppliers of sayer dates. This company exports all kinds of dates to Zahidi, Piarom, Mazafati, Rabbi and Chocolate dates to the countries of the world.

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Sayer date features

Sayer or Stamaran dates are among the indigenous cultivars of Khuzestan province. These dates are also known as locally called symbron or sambran. In most areas of Khuzestan province, including Shadegan, Abadan, Karoon, Mahshahr and Ahvaz, dates can be cultivated.

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The quality and taste of the harvested dates will vary according to the weather in each region. In general, this dates has an oval shape. The texture is semi-dry and soft. The color of the fruit’s crust is changed from yellow to brown to reddish brown. The amount of adhesion of the meat to the nucleus is low and the core is easy to separate from the date. Sayer date are also one of the most popular types of Iranian export dates.

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Variety of Sayer date

Sayer dates are grouped by number in pound and size:

  • Super Select
  • Select
  • GAQ
  • FAQ
  • Uncorrupt
  • chopped

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As noted, according to the number of dates per pound or 455 grams, each group has been ranked. For example, Select Sayer is per pound are 75-85 and the Sayer GAQ is 95 pounds per pound. The size of the date becomes smaller as well. The price of Sayer date is reduced from the Super Select to the FAQ.

Dates packaging

Typically, Sayer date pack in bundles of 5 and 10 kg. Regular and simple boxes, or special export cartons and laminates, are suitable for the delivery of dates to the market. Also, boxes of 250 and 500 grams are also used for the sale of dates in the export market.

Sayer dates suppliers

As mentioned, date suppliers are mostly located in Khuzestan. Sourt and packaged factories have the ability to supply high tonnage throughout the year.

The Arad Date is able to supply and export these dates. Most dates have been issued to countries such as Russia, UK, Indian, Dubai and other European countries.

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Standard and health permits are available for importing dates. You can easily sell the best Iranian export dates on your target market.

You can declare the type of packaging and design you want according to the order type and target market. You can also get advice from sales officials to choose the right packaging for your product.

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