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Buy Iranian dates online from export companies

Buy Iranian dates from the country’s largest suppliers is possible. Import of Iranian dry dates to most Asian and European countries. Online sales of dates by exporting companies are useful for saving time and choosing the best date variety for business travelers.

Buy Iranian dates

Which country has the best dates?

Iran’s capacity to produce a variety of dry dates is very high. More than a thousand varieties of dates are exported to different countries every year. Iran is considered one of the most serious rivals in the world’s desserts. The variety of dry date our country is high compared to the Arab countries. Dry-packed dates are a product that is widely used in various food industries.

Iranian dates

See the table below for a list of the world’s largest producer of dates in the world and the annual production of fresh dates

Countries producing fresh dates in the world:

Rank Country Annual Production Dates / Tons
1 Egypt 1,084,529
2 Iran 947,809
3 Saudi Arabia 836,983
4 Iraq 675,440
5 Pakistan 556,608
6 United Arab Emirates 533,701
7 Algeria 485,415
8 Sudan 435,668
9 South Sudan 432,100
10 Oman


What are the different types of dates fruit?

As you know, many dates are produced and cultivated in Iran. The dry date dates in the south of the country have different qualities. Types of dates are tailor-made to the target market, available and packaged.

Dry varieties have better conditions for keeping and transporting because of low humidity. This has led to generally dry dates for export.

Buy Iranian dates

The dry South dates include many varieties that are briefly cited:

  • Piroram Dates(maryami)
  • Rabbi
  • Deyri
  • Desky
  • Medjoul
  • Zahidi
  • Dry yellow dates

What are the best type of dates to eat?

Varieties of Iranian dates vary according to the quality and type of packaging. The price of dates, like other crops, depends on many things. The supply and demand are usually influenced by the price of the products.

Pairam, Rabi and Zahedi are the most delicious and most popular date varieties. The amount of sugar and calories these dates are to the extent that it is useful for all age groups.

Buy dates

Dates have many properties to strengthen the body’s physical and sexual power. Palatable calcium helps improve the immune system and strengthens bones. You can eat dates with milk.

Dry dates are also suitable for diabetics, due to the high sugar content.

Buy Iranian dates

Buy Iranian dates

To buy dates, you should pay attention to the quality of the date and place of storage. The mold kept in the refrigerator has a higher quality than the one in the warehouse.

Heat and non-conditioning of the date-holding environment causes insect roots and date rot. No matter how packed the date pack is, it will increase its useful life.

Buy Iranian dates Piarom dates exporter

Although the price of different types of dried dates is higher than the type of bulk, they are better in terms of quality and durability.

Suppliers and export companies of Iran Dates are able to provide the best quality and quality of dates to the market.

Contact with Arad dates company for information on how to buy fresh dates and prices.

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