Kabkab dates and Iranian fresh date suppliers

Kabkab dates to be exported to other countries at a great price. These dates are cultivated in different regions of Iran. The quality of the dates is different depending on the weather in the area.  You can contact us to buy and sell Kabkaab dates.

Kabkab dates

Kabkab dates suppliers

Kabkab dates are among the early Iranian varieties. The unique taste and taste of these dates have made it very popular.

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Kabkab dates to the production of side products such as dough and date sauce. These dates are cultivated in many areas, including Dashtestan, Ahrom, Behbahan and Khesht. Most suppliers of Kabkab dates are in these areas.

The quality of dates of Kabkab’s Dashtestan has long been approved by date buyers and traders. So that a large share of the harvest dates is sold to other countries for export.

Iranian fresh date

Kabkab dates look like oval and brown skin color. Both Rotab and dates are both usable. Ratab’s Kabkab has many fans. But most dicotyled dates are suitable for export. These dates are in the category of fresh dates in Iran.

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As mentioned, Kabkab dates are one of the most popular cultivars. After harvest, the dates are also sold in bulk and gluttony. With the arrival of the dates, the workshop and production and packaging, sterilization and sourcing factories will be done.

Kabkab fresh dates according to quality. Type Super and Brown dates are selected for export packaging. The first-class type is packed in a pack of 10 or 3kg.

This type is very popular in Arab countries like Iraq and Qatar. Kabkab date from a lower quality grade for the preparation of palm products such as chocolate dates.

Export Kabkab date

As noted, most Asian, Arabic and Russian countries are purchasing these dates. In order to export, the dates are also polishing in addition to washing and disinfecting at the final stage.

Natural or industrial dates are also used for palm rest. If you intend to export dates, you need to make the product by contacting sales agents. In addition to choosing dates for your target market, get free advice on this.

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Exporting dates requires the issuance of standard and health certifications. This date is no exception too. You will be advised to obtain Kabkab dates export permits and packaging.

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