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Import sayer dates to Russia

Import sayer dates or Stamaran is often done to European and Asian countries, including Russia, Turkey, Britain, and Germany. Sayer date are Iranian best-selling and export dates.
Russia is one of the countries that annually buys a lot of imported dates from Iran. To learn more about the dates of the colonists and their features, read this article.

sayer dates

In which region do Sayer dates grow?

Import sayer dates

Sayer dates are the native dates of the Khuzestan region. These dates are cultivated in different areas such as Shadegan, Karoon, Mahshahr and Ahvaz. Other date varieties of Khouzestan include dates of Berhi, Gantar, Zahidi and Kabkab.

Due to moisture and semi-arid texture, these dates have high shelf life. It is therefore more suitable for storage and transportation.

What are the tips for import sayer dates?

As mentioned, Khuzestan sayer dates have a high shelf life. These dates have different qualitative grades. Typically, according to the size and number in pounds, they calibrate other dates.
Since the target markets for the sayer dates are different, it is necessary to take a few points to select these dates for export:

sayer dates

  • Degree of quality dates
  • The presence or absence of a warhead and a core
  • Oiled or simple dates
  • Date packaging

Each of the above will be determined according to the type of order and the date of importer.
For example, select and GAQ sayer date are appropriate for imports to Russia. Date without kernel and warhead is also sent according to customer’s order.

Sayer dates after harvest from the garden and initial disinfection are entered into the cold store. Then, according to the type of orders, washing, sourcing and palm oiling is done. Therefore, it’s very important to specify the exact type of order at the final price and product.

Dates are usually packed in 5 and 10 kg cartons in bulk. Also available for the European market orders is the availability of products in 500 grams packages.

You can specify the type and amount of purchase for ordering the order, considering the tips given. You can also apply for free advice on exporting other dates by way of communication or by submitting the relevant form.

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