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Zahidi dates origin in Arad export company

Zahidi dates origin sold by Arad Date Group. Send the best of Zahedi dry dates in bulk and packaging worldwide. To import these dates, you can contact sales consultants at Arad dates. This group guides you on buying, selling and distributing all kinds of dates.

 Zahidi dates

What is the best Zahedi date for Iran?

 Zahidi dates exporter

Due to the palatability of the southern regions of Iran, annual varieties of dry dates are cultivated in high tonnage.
One of the most popular dry dates is Zahedi date. These dates are also known as yellow dry dates. Zahedi dates from indigenous cultivars of Fars and Bushehr area. However, in many southern regions such as Kerman, Baluchestan, Khuzestan, it is also cultivated.

Zahidi dates origin

The best Zahedi date in Iran is attributed to Poshtkouh and Tallhe area in Bushehr province.

The golden color and the coarse size of the dates are very popular. Of course, it is not a good idea to mention the characteristics of Fars’ Zahedi dates. The product of this area is produced in dry and semi-arid and in different qualities.

For international markets and most European and Asian countries such as Russia, Turkey, Hungary, Britain, Germany and the United Arab Emirates. You can experience variety of dates all over the world besides our collection.

Sale of Zahedi dates

Buying Zahedi dates is largely and uninterruptedly the concern of most merchants and customers. At the Arad Date Center, the best Zahedi dates are sold directly from the southern orchards at a great price.

Zahidi dates origin

You can purchase the requested packaging and target market for the appropriate Zahedi date by ordering the order.
It is also possible for your agent to see the load before ordering, changing the packaging and reattach. For more information and to get the price, please contact us.

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