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Stuffed dates with nuts buy

Stuffed dates with nuts are offered in new and varied packages at the factory price. Dates with all types of nuts are suitable for gifts and meals. Packed 150 and 500 grams of Delicatessen Dates are produced in different flavors and colors. Contact us for the price of sales.

Dates with nuts

Types of Stuffed dates with nuts

Dates with nuts

One of the most popular exotic and popular dates in the world is the dates with nuts. The use of nuts and dates with nutritional value is also confirmed. Many manufacturers in the Arabian countries have drank dates and dates with nuts in a simple and chocolate style.
Factories producing varieties of dates in Iran have started the production of dates with nuts, due to the customers’ satisfaction with this product as well as the variety of dates in the country.

One of these products is the Medjool dates with a variety of nuts. These dates are very popular in terms of exports.
In the same way, a date-producing factory with Shahani brand produced a new product using almond dates, hazelnuts, pistachios and other nuts, such as apricot leaves, figs and coconut.

How to buy Stuffed dates

Dates with nuts in packages of 150 and 500 grams, containing 8 and 32 dates. The new idea for packaging this product is to use a distinct color for each package to fit its content.

For example, pink boxes of dates with the Shahani brand have Medjool dates with figs, apricot, coconut and pistachio. Crimson packs containing Medjool dates, with the caramelized brain of hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds and ginger.

Stuffed dates Stuffed dates with nuts

Dates with nuts for parties, gifts to friends and even exports are a very good option.

This product is sold at the factory price. Possibility to send orders to most countries in the world. You can contact us with the sales manager and get the price. The product will be sent to you in the shortest possible time.

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