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Best type of dates in Iran

Best type of dates, Where to buy? You can get to know with Iranian dates, in Arad Dates group. Iran is one of the world’s most popular dairy products, which produce millions of tons of dates annually. The best Iranian dates include the Piarom, Mazafati, Zahedi, Shahani, Rabbi and the Sayer dates. Contact us for product’s prices.

Best dates

Are you looking to get the best type of date? Do you know the variety of dates and properties?
On this site you can get information about the price of a variety of dates, how to buy and sell them. At Arad Dates group, you will be able to experience a reliable business in Iran. Visit the site for more information.

How many Best types of dates?

Best type of dates

As you know, Iran is the second largest producer of dates in the world. More than a thousand varieties of dates are produced annually in different regions of Iran. Many of the known varieties and exports are dry dates. Iran’s dry dates in the global markets have many fans. From the best-selling dried dates, you can mention the dates of the Piarom.

Also, Zahedi, Rabbi and Dayri are varieties of exports and high economic value. In the same way, the Iranian suppliers offer the best type of dates in a diverse range of packaging.
Dry dates in the southern regions of Iran are very tasty and popular. Dry dates are also suitable for diabetics because of the amount of sugar. The daily intake of dates is recommended for the health of the digestive system and for improving the immune system.

How to buy Iranian dates

Given the variety of dates in Iran, the need to have a central place to deliver all products is felt. Hence, we are committed to supporting the suppliers and delivering quality products to our customers.

Buy Iranian dates

The Arad Date Group has been able to market the best type of dates at a reasonable price.
Access to date palm and dates of purchase at the beginning of the harvest season will cause the sale of dates at an affordable price. In order to provide a variety of dates in general, you can order your sales advisors.
In addition to the secure shopping experience, you can also benefit from the free date consultation.

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