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mazafati dates price in Iran

Mazafati dates are available for sale in different weight and qualities. The Arad Date group offers a variety of Bam and Jiroft Mazafati dates in different packaging and weights.  Contact us to buy dates with reasonable prices.

Mazafati dates price

Learn more about mazafati dates


Mazafati dates are popular and best selling products. Sweet taste Mazafati date are the most tastes.

Mazafati dates features:

  • Color: dark black
  • Tissue: Meaty and soft
  • Size: 3.5 centimeters
  • Place of planting dates: Bam – Kerman
  • harvest season: September – October
  • Net weight of packaging: 650 to 800 grams
  • number in the box: 12 per carton

The best Mazafati date are produced in the Bam area of ​​Kerman province.
Usually, the price of Mazafati date is calculated based on the average carton weight and date quality.

Mazafati dates suppliers

The Arad palm family, with access to the southern country’s palm trees, is able to provide the best quality of c to customers.
The quality of the date is different in different areas of Bam. Dear customers, you can order the quality according to the target market.
We have been able to put dates at affordable prices in the global markets by removing brokers.
In addition, farmers and producers will be supported by this.
Option About us, you can get more acquainted with Arad’s Dates.

mazafati dates online

The best mazafati dates price in Iran

You can buy the best Mazafati dates in Iran from the Bam area.
The price per kilogram of Mazafati dates Bam  is from $ 1.5 to $ 2 in proportion to quality varies.

mazafati dates bam
You must send the following information to our sales manager for the Mazafati dates price information:

  1. Order quantity
  2. Date quality
  3. Package weight
  4. Designed and branded box
  5. Destination market

How to buy Mazafati dates?

One of the popular ways to order and buy a variety of dates is to search through the internet.
Mazafati dates online is possible through this site.
You can contact with our sales managers or completing the relevant form.
After receiving the price list of products and confirming the order on your part, the load will be sent to you in the shortest possible time.

Arad dates group
Connection paths:
whatsapp: +989133408938

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