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Suppliers of rabbi dates Iran

Rabbi dates Iran are packed in 500 and 800 grams and 10 kg cartons are ready for export. Suppliers of dried Rabbi dates cultivate organic produce in the Sistan and Baluchistan regions.

Rabbi dates Iran

What are the characteristics of Rabbi dates ?

Rabbi dates are one of the best varieties of Sistan and Baluchistan dates, which has a high economic value.
These dates are very tasty and delicious and have high sales.
The major price of the date has been downloaded from internet sites.

Best type of dates

Rabbi dates Iran features:

  • Size 3.5-4.5 cm
  • Color: Dark brown
  • Unpicked dates: green
  • Harvest Time: At the same time as Mazafi’s dates
  • Production place: Iranshahr and Saravan
  • Best of Export Date
  • Texture: Semi-dry
  • Moisture: Less than 15%
  • Shape: Oval

Prices of Rabbi dates Iran

Rabbi dates are one of the best and most swastika dates in southern Iran, which has a high nutritional value.
The major price of palm dates is examined in different ways, including:

  • Major or partial purchase of dates
  • Bulk or date pack
  • Date quality and size
  • Package type

You can get the price of a rabbi by contacting the sales director and announcing your order.
Price rabbi dates are more suitable than other dates in other countries. So it could be a good option to compete with the dates in the export markets.
Rabbi dates are often exported to Turkey, Russia, Germany and most Central Asian countries.

Rabbi dates Iran

Where to buy Rabbi dates?

As it has been said, Rabbi dates is one of the most varieties of Iranian dates, which after the harvest, the dates are dried and sorted and polished for the appearance better.
Buying this product, if it’s done online, comes with a drop in prices, and you can finally buy a cheaper product.
To buy Rabbi dates from Iran you can contact us and have a reliable business experience.

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