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Supplier of Mazafati fresh dates

Mazafati fresh dates are a type of dates produced in Iran in Bam and Jiroft. Suppliers of Mazafati dates export this product to the world in 600 gr packages at factory price.

mazafati fresh date

What are Mazafati dates?


Rutab and dates are exported from Iran’s best-selling varieties cultivated in Bam city.
Mazafati dates are among the varieties that are harvested and consumed in two stages: rutab and dates.
The main cultivation area of these dates is Bam in Kerman, which has a favorable climate for the growth of palm trees.
Bam mazafati date is one of the most popular and best-selling varieties during the year, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.
The color of rutab is dark red to brown and the fresh date’s color is dark brown to black.

Different type of Iranian dates

Dates are very diverse. Iran is one of the largest producer of dates in the world and its varieties are abundant in Iran.
Here are some examples of Iranian date varieties:

  • Buy Iranian datesMazafati dates: The most famous fresh dates in the world
  • Piarom dates: Iran’s most expensive semi-arid dates with high durability
  • Gantar dates: semi-arid
  • Stamaran dates: Semi-dry texture and exported
  • Shahani dates: One of the most popular varieties
  • Zahedi Dates: It is less sweet than other dates and is dry
  • Kali dates: Black and very sweet and fleshy.

And many other lesser known dates.

Mazafati dates price in india

Exports of these dates require special conditions as they have a shorter shelf life.
You can store Mazafati dates at 0 to 5 °C for one year. Shelf life at -5 °C for two years.
It is best to use refrigerated containers to carry these dates to maintain the quality of the product upon arrival.
Another important criterion for exporting dates is the packaging that must be done correctly.
Packaging of Mazafati dates is usually done in cartons of 600 to 800 grams and 12 in cartons.

mazafati dates   Iranian dates

What is the price of Mazafati dates in Iran?

The price of Mazafati dates is similar to other crops, affected by a number of factors, including:

  • Supply and Demand
  • Product weight and quality
  • Cultivated area
  • Package type

Mazafati dates are also priced by the National Iranian Dates Association and sales cooperatives.
The prices of Mazafati dates in Iran are usually similar to those in the Bam region and are priced in accordance with the market for other vegetables.
On the Alibaba site you can find Mazafati dates at prices. Buy US $ 1.3-1.5 / kg. But for bulk purchases you can contact us

Mazafati fresh dates suppliers

These dates can be packed in export packages as well as crystal containers.

Mazafati dates priceThe weight of export dates is lighter and has less sap.
Mazafati dates have been exported in many brands to other countries, some of which are listed below:

  • Bam exported dates
  • Crystal Mazafati dates
  • Mary Mazafati dates
  • Gilda’s Mazdati dates
  • Mazafati Parsan dates
  • Kimia date mazafati

Bam city is the center of production of Mazafati dates. Mazafati dates have a special place among the people, as most of the dates are of this type.
As mentioned, these dates are black, fleshy and juicy.
Arad dates company exports over thousands of tones packaged dates each year to countries around the world.
Quality and type of packaging as well as price are among the criteria to be considered for the market date.

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