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Iraqi Zahidi Dates Importers

Iraqi Zahidi dates Exported to most European and Asian countries, including Russia, have the highest income for farmers. Join the Arad Group of dates to find out the price of Zahidi dates and secure export experience.

Zahidi dates in Farashband region and Poshtkuh in iran have high quality. Usually these dates are exported to Russia in 10kg cartons and 500gr packages.

Zahedi dates

Zahidi dates origin

Zahedi dates in Iran mostly belong to the provinces of Bushehr and Fars. However, in other provinces due to weather conditions, date zahedi is prone to growth and production.

Import Iranian datesBut the quality of Zahedi dates in Poshte kouh and Talhe areas in Bushehr, Farashband and Jahrom in Fars province is marketable and exportable.

If you intend to export Zahidi dates, you can buy at the beginning of the harvest season. During this period from late August to September dates can be purchased at reasonable prices without any intermediaries.

In Iran, Super Zahedi belongs to the Poshte kouh area. Usually the price is higher than other varieties and larger in size. Zahidi dates are Farashband, Qirocarzine and Jahrom have lower qualitative grades.

Iraqi zahidi dates exporters

Zahidi dates are one of the most consumed dates in the world and exported to many countries. Countries including America, Iraq, Turkey, Russia and many European countries are importers of Zahidi dates.
Since some Arab countries also have a favorable climate for growing dates, they are among Iran’s competitors in date production.
One of the suppliers of dates Zahidi is Iraq. Iraqi Zahidi dates are one of the cheaper dates on the world market.
Zahidi dried dates produced in Iran have high quality and reasonable price which will continue to be effective factors in determining its price in different markets.

Iraqi Zahedi dates      Iraqi Zahidi dates

Iran dates exporter and Importers

Zahedi dates in Bushehr are top quality and are called Super Zahedi.
The prices of these dates are usually determined in 5 and 10kg bulk packages, varying in quality and harvesting range from 5 to 10kg.
Dates are one of the agricultural products that have many properties. This fruit is known almost all over the world and is recommended for use in diet programs.

Zahidi dates origin

Egypt and Iran are among the first and second largest producers of dates in the world, exporting more than millions of tons of harvested dates each year to various parts of the world.
Dates are also exported from Iran to many European countries, Central Asia and the Persian Gulf.
Costs and benefits are usually estimated by export specialists to enter a global marketplace.

Zahidi dates price in india

Bushehr province is one of the date-producing poles in Iran. Most of the dates cultivated in this area are Kabakab, Zahedi, Shahabi and others.

Iraqi Zahidi DatesExporting dates to other countries requires a number of basics, including:

  • Date quality
  • Packaging type
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Proper marketing

If the above is followed by the producers and traders, the profits from the export of dates will be much higher than its domestic sales and will greatly help the boom of the Iranian date market.
Like other agricultural products, the price of dates is affected by many factors including:

  1. Supply and demand
  2. Annual production
  3. Product quality
  4. Packaging

Import dry dates

The global price of dates in export markets is determined by these factors and the Products of different countries are in competition.
Most Iranian dates have the potential to compete with similar varieties on the world market.
For example, Piarom and Medjul dates have been able to compete with similar varieties produced in Egypt and Morocco.
Although Iranian dates are still slightly behind in terms of packaging, many Iranian producers have taken a good place in the Iranian export issue.

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