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Dates Dry Fruit |Cheapest Price List in 2019

Dates are one of the sweetest fruits in the world; they grow on date palms and are native to the Middle East where they have been served thousands of years. These chewy, sweet fruits are available in several varieties and are sold both fresh and dried. Dates can be eaten out of hand or used as a topping for sweet and bakery cookies ; they can also be used into salads and pureed into sauces. Dates Dry Fruit has been available for thousands of years in the Mediterranean and Middle East. Dates are one of the earliest dried fruits that were eaten.

Dates Dry Fruit |Cheapest Price List in 2019

What dried fruit are dates?

What dried fruit are dates? Dates Dry Fruit is made by taking the water out of the fruit by sun drying or using a dehydrator machine . Since the water is removed during drying, this also means that the natural sugars in the fruit are concentrated. There are Different Methods of drying dates. first of all you need to know which type of dried dates we are talking about. Drying Dates by Preheating  oven between 50 and 60 ° C and placing the fruit in 7-10 hours. After receiving fresh dates, then a temporary storage, if the amount received is important it will provide an investment in cold storage to ensure their dates before drying. In a second step, we collect the amount of dates can be dried during a processing cycle, then proceed to sorting. there are different types of dates such as:

  • My date
  • Mazaffati dates
  • Gentar dates
  • Colonial dates

What is the best time to eat dates?

What is the best time to eat dates?now we are going to talk about benefits of dates for men and woman.dates are super sweet but it doesn’t mean that they’re bad for you , on the contrary. Dates fruit are high in several nutrients including potassium, which helps build muscle and proteins in the body and is beneficial to your heart health. You may wonder How to eat dates and when is the best time to eat .Eating in the Morning is a golden time for eating a date . a simple yet most effective health tip of eating dates early in the morning can do wonders in safeguarding your heart health. Dates are a great source of potassium- a mineral that is vital for regulating your blood pressure. Too low or too high levels of potassium may trigger your heart function.

Are dates nuts or fruit?

Are dates nuts or fruit? you may wonder if dates are nuts or fruits , here we have an answer for your question  dates are fruit , because they grow on Palm Trees . so dried dates are still in the category of dried fruits. Dates look like they’re dried, but they’re often found in the produce section and need to be refrigerated. Dates taste like they’ve been soaked in a barrel of sugar, yet no other ingredients are listed on the package. What’s the deal?! Dates are tropical stone-fruits that come from the date palm tree.

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