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Date Suppliers |Where to find Best Market?

How to make sure to buy first-rate dates? Where can I get good dates? One of the date suppliers is Iran. Our country is one of the countries that performs well in many of its regions, including its southeast, and it may be said that Iran is one of the countries with the best dates. Wholesale sale of dates in different weight and quality is done through this site. Arad Dates Sales Center offers a variety of Bam and Jiroft Dates in different packaging and weights for wholesale sale. Stay in touch with us for bulk purchases and up to date prices.

Date Suppliers |Where to find Best Market?

Cheapest Wholesale Market of Dates

Cheapest Wholesale Market of Dates You can contact us to buy dates at wholesale prices. The wholesale purchase of dates has two benefits:

  • Making dates more affordable
  • Cost-effective transportation for other cities

Given these two cases, customers can benefit more by buying bulk dates from Mafasat. The wholesale sale of dates is made entirely in cash and directly from the refrigerator door. Therefore, we have achieved customer satisfaction by eliminating intermediaries and offering the best prices at a reasonable price.

Is Kabkaab Date Popular in Iran?

Is Kabkaab Date Popular in Iran?Kabkaab dates is produced in Behbahan and is syrupy. It is one of the most economical dates in the country and has a dark brown color. The elliptical and elongated core, along with the high degree of adhesion to the fruit, is one of the features of these dates.

Kabkaab dates are one of the types of dates in Iran. The fruit is yellowish in color and has a dark brown color when fully ripened. It is mostly consumed in dates. The oval fruit weighs about 2 grams, with a light yellowish semi-dry texture, the thickness of the shell is thick. other types of dates are zahidi dates, halawi dates, thoory dates and etc.

Date Suppliers & Distributors in Iran

Date Suppliers & Distributors in IranDates are popular and best-selling product. The sweet taste of dates is liked by most tastes. In the Iranian market, most of the central and northern cities are the major buyers and consumers of these dates.

  • The dates are dark black in quality. It is fleshy and juicy. The size of the dates is 3.5 cm. The best dates can be obtained from the Bam region of Kerman province.
  • Dates are usually marketed in packages of 650 to 800 grams. There are 12 packages per carton. The price is usually announced in terms of average carton weight and date quality.

Our company is able to provide customers with the best quality mazafat dates with access to southern palm trees. The quality of dates in different areas of Bam is different. Dear customers, according to the target market, you can order the desired quality.

By eliminating the intermediaries, the company has been able to offer the merchants a reasonable price. It will also support farmers and producers.

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