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Dates Fruit | 3 Tips in Buying and Eating Dates

Dates fruit is known as one of the best nourishment, which is in the diet of persons who want to have a healthy life. about 70 percent of date is fructose and can be categorized into soft or dried or semi-dried. there are also many nutrients in dates that makes them good for health and a disease preventive food. It is better to eat them at some specific times and take care of the amount we’re eating. there are also many by-products of this useful fruit that can be served.

Dates Fruit


What Is The Best Time To Eat Dates?

Eating dates with empty stomach increases the absorption of fructose of those, therefore the best time to eat dates is in the morning and before eating breakfast. It’s also common to eat dates fruits with the meals that have a cold nature, and that’s because dates have a warm nature and cause a balance in the body. Dates calories are almost high. Each date has about 23 calories, so eating lots of them can cause of getting weight, besides produces abnormal soda in body and causes blockage in the liver and spleen. Hence we have to be careful not to eat more than what our body needs. but eating a normal amount of dates is really really helpful.

What Are The Benefits Of Dates Fruits?

There are lots of advantages for this fruit. below we’ll mention some of those:

  1. total energy of date is less than the energy in sugar.
  2. in 20 gr of dates fruit (about three number of them), total fat is less than 0.1 gr.
  3. date fruit dates nutrition. date nutrition are sodium, potassium, magnesium, folic acid, fiber, B12 vitamin.
  4. cures constipation
  5. prevents alzheimer’s disease
  6. prevents hair loss
  7. prevents nyctalopia
  8. strengthen bones

How Do You Eat Dates?

Because dates fruit is sticky, it easily absorb contaminants. So if it’s not being washed thoroughly and packaged, all these contaminants will destroy the texture of the date.

Dates are sensitive to temperature and should not be stored in humid and hot conditions. So if dates Fruits have a sour or spicy taste, it’s a signal that the fruits are spoiled.

Some by-products of dates are date juice, date vinegar. Date juice is a good case for eating with bread as a healthy and delicious breakfast. Also mixing dates with milk or in muffins is a good idea to involve this sweet fruit into our diet.

It’s also interesting to know that Dried dates have a higher amount of calories and iron than the semi-dried ones, and semi-dried dates have more calories and iron than the soft dates and rutabs.

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