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Iranian stuffed dates price

Iranian stuffed dates is done using the best medjool dates and types of nuts. The Shahani stuffed dates factory in Iran has produced the best and most quality product according to customers’ taste and market demand. Packed stuffed dates are produced in a variety of flavors in beautiful boxes for sale.

Iranian stuffed dates price

How to make iranian stuffed dates?

The production of stuffed dates includes the stage of preparation of dates, placement of nuts and finally packaging.

First, we disinfect and clean medjool dates. After sorting and selecting the appropriate dates, we make it by machine. We do this process precisely with the palm primer to maintain the appearance of dates.

Then replace the dates with nuts like almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, apricots, coconuts and cereals.
We choose the type of nuts according to its nutritional value. In the end, we pack this product in a variety of stylish boxes with palm packs.
We use different colors in product packaging to identify the type of nuts used in bra palm production. Candy and stylish candied fruit pack is an ideal option for gifts and receptions from date lovers.

Iranian stuffed dates price

Iranian dates prices

Medjool dates is one of Iran’s best selling and export figures. These dates have a semi-dry texture and high shelf life.
The separation of the kernel’s medjool is easier than other varieties, such as piarom. The study done on food industry and shelf-life, the choice of dates with nuts’ nuts is a more appropriate option. In terms of food value and shelf-life, choice of medjool dates with nuts is a better option.

The stuffed dates suppliers, has been able to produce a diverse and delicious product with Shahani brand. The price of the product offered is due to the scarcity of the cultivar in Iran and the preparation process. The price of these products varies from $ 5.5 to $ 23. You can contact us for stuffed dates buy.

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