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Organic Pitted Dates | Arad Dates group

Organic Pitted Dates which Arad dates group is preparing in the best way to sell it to the successful merchants. But, what are the pitted dates and what are their major benefits? The answers of these questions are given in this article in order to help the customers to buy Iran pitted dates without any doubts.

Organic Pitted Dates

Iran, with numerous centers of date cultivation areas and annual production of more than one million tons, is known as the second largest producer of this product after Egypt. There are various types of dates in Iran including Piarom dates, Zahidi dates, Rabbi dates, Sayer dates and many other dates which are exported to different areas by the help of several suppliers like Arad Dates.

What Are Pitted Dates?

Pitted dates are kinds of dates whose kernal or seed has been removed to give the dates better texture and easier eating. Although you can remove the kernal by yourself at home, many people prefer to save their time and energy for the other activities in their lives and easily buy high quality pitted dates. These dates could be any types of dates, such as:

  • Sayer dates
  • Medjool dates
  • Piarom dates
  • Shahani dates

Organic sayer Dates

Pitted dates’ flavor is sweet and they are so chewy and their sweetness is so rich and caramel-like that makes people call them “nature’s candy.” Their moisture is also rich in comparison to their dry appearance; therefore, they are going to be matched with different tastes.

Organic Pitted Dates Benefits

In addition to their pleasant sweetness, these types of dates have a lot of benefits which make them outstanding. Like the other dates, this type is also nutritious and with just a 100-gram serving provides us with 20% of our potassium RDI, 18% of our copper RDI, and 7 grams of fiber; therefore, Organic Pitted Dates have the capacity to give each person energy and minerals which are essential for their bodies.

These dates are full of antioxidants which protect the body against cancer or other serious diseases. The other important minerals in pitted dates are vitamin D and Calcium which improve bone health and strengthen it.

Pitted Dates

There are a lot of fibers in these dates which help people with digestion and stomach issues. So many people who are struggling with constipation put these dates in their diets to eliminate their problems in a noticeable amount. Their natural sweetness and being without seeds give you the opportunity to use them in smoothies, cookies, brownies or your other favorite recipe without squandering time.

buy Pitted Dates

Buy soft and dry dates

Iran dates have a lot of demands from different countries, so there are a lot of agencies and online suppliers in this country to sell different types of dates. Arad dates is one of the successful suppliers in this field and they provide pitted organic dates for their customers in a fair bargain. Pitted dates from this company have gained from various types of dates and they are naturally sweet and nutritious enough to keep you their fan forever.

pitted dates are made from soft and dry dates. Both types of dates have good export quality. pitted organic dates are packed in packages of 250 and 500 grams.
To buy soft and seedless dates, you can contact the sales experts of our collection to send you a list of products and guide you to buy more easily.

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