Where to Buy Medjool Dates Online?

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Medjool Dates Origin

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This dates are known for being the best and most popular one in the realm of dates trade. Although they are one of the most expensive dates, a huge number of demands from different countries have been received annually for buying them because most of the people are aware of the complexity of the labor-intensive process of Medjool cultivation which leads to these pricey nutritious products.

Main areas in importing this type of date are West and Northern Europe – the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, and Spain. A good marketplace for organic Medjool dates is Iran, and this is because of the appropriate climates of this country.

These dates are cultivated in hot, dry climates; therefore, you can find them in areas like Fars and Bushehr Provinces in Iran which are the most suitable places for growing and buying these dates in this country. Further details about finding the right places for buying Medjool are given through this article.

Why Buy Organic Medjool Dates?

Buy Medjool Dates Online

These types of dates are known for being the sweetest dates in the world; in other words, its pleasant sweetness is the major reason for being globally famous. That’s why many people call it “a date to remember “. Most of us remember the sweetest memories of our life and the magical sweetness of Medjool is going to stick to our mind forever.

Medjool dates are known with another nickname, “the king of dates”, for containing a lot of nutritious substances including:

  • Calories
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fiber
  • Protein
  • Sugar
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Magnesium

As a result, eating these types of dates can have many benefits for health; for instance, the fiber and antioxidants in Medjool can protect the heart and consumption of these dates could reduce the risk of heart disease. The other examples of Medjool’s medical advantages are improving health of the intestines and facility of digestive process, providing energy, improving bones’ health conditions, and preventing serious diseases like cancer and Alzheimer.

The Best Place for Buying Medjool Dates Online

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There are several places in Iran to buy these types of dates each of which may be the right place for their customers. Medjool sales agencies in different places of Iran like Fars and Bushehr Provinces are always ready to sell these dates which are cultivated organically at a very fair cost.

These types of dates are mostly sold in bulk in these cities; therefore, it would be better to buy dates from these places if you want to purchase on a bulky scale. There are also some online platforms for buying these dates in suitable packaging and at a very reasonable price. In addition to easy access and offering a variety of products in these websites, it gives you the chance to enjoy great discounts.

Medjool dates are so popular because of its intense sweet taste, large size and soft juicy texture and Iran is one of the famous places for growing and selling the best types of them. Therefore, the various cities of this country which are cultivating Medjool are the center of trading of these types of organic dates. All in all, you can find big Medjool’s marketplaces in different agencies and online stores.

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