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Dates chips or Sayer dates chips are one of the most famous and tastiest date products. This product is manufacture in bulk and packaged with different qualities. To learn more about this date product, do not miss this article:

Various Qualities of Date Chips

Date Chips price

Due to the many properties of dates, eating 2 dates daily is recommended for all people. Even diabetics and those on a diet can use dates in a controlled amount. Date-based products are also a suitable option for these people. The following products are produced without additives and sugar:

  • Date chips
  • Dates cube
  • Date kernel tea

Stamaran dates chips, are diced date which are produced using only date kernel flour or rice flour when cutting the product and to remove its stickiness in a small amount. Due to the fact that chips are made from dates with different qualities, they are divided into the following types:

  1. First class and export date chips
  2. Standard and ordinary quality
  3. Average and poor quality

The Price of Date Chips

Sayer dates chips

Dates chips are usually produced from Sayer dates, which have a darker brown color, in two forms: slices and cubes. This product is prepared from pitted dates by the machine and hygienically, in the following flavors:

  • Simple date chips
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Cocoa

Stamaran date chips are sold in bulk packages of 10 kg, as well as 250 and 300 grams. The production of dates in the form of chips makes it easier to consume with tea and coffee and is a good substitute for sugar.

Instead of using white sugar, which use chemicals in their production, you can choose natural products with less and useful sugar, such as dates and its products. In addition to being natural, they also have many healing properties.

For more information on purchasing date products, you can complete the purchase form on the site so that our consultants will contact you and guide you to purchase this product.

Properties of Chopped Dates

Chopped pitted dates have antioxidants and are useful for the body. Some of its properties are:

  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Consumption during influenza
  • Useful for pregnant and lactating women
  • Memory Improvement
  • Energy supply of the body
  • Improve the function of the digestive system

Dates Chips Suppliers

Dates Chips Suppliers

As mentioned, one of the types of packaging of this product is 300 gr packs. which comes in 20 pieces per carton. This type of packaging is suitable for presentation in stores and confectioneries. You can also pack all types of bulk according to your taste.

In many countries, date chips are imported due to the many properties of this product. The most interesting issue is that the largest amount of this product is exported from Iran to major countries in the world such as Russia, European countries, Turkey, etc. This issue shows the quality of date chips available in our country.

Our company prepares date chips using the best dates, the production and packaging process of this product is completely hygienic in our collection. Also, these products have a low price compared to dates because they are sold in bulk.

In this company, one of the suppliers of date chips in bulk at a reasonable price For export and tonnage orders, you need to register your request 3 to 5 days earlier in order to receive your order on time. The price of this product varies according to the amount of the order and its type. Although the flavored chips have a higher price, they have also met with more acceptance and sales.

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