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Sayer Selected Date’s price in the market depends on the quality, grade of dates, type of packaging and place of cultivation. Sayer dates are presented in terms of number per pound in the final grades of Select, GAQ and FAQ for export.

Sayer Dates vs Medjool

Sayer Dates vs Medjool

Sayor date is one of Iranian export dates and best-selling cultivars. This date is also known by other names in native areas. But the main name of this type of product, which has been registered in the World Intellectual Property Organization, is Khuzestan Sayer Dates.

It is better to find some information about the recognition of Sayer selected dates. This type of date, which is one of Iran’s important export types, is usually introduced in terms of number per pound for export. The classification of sayer dates is as follows:

  1. Super select dates
  2. Sayer selected dates
  3. Grade B
  4. GAQ
  5. FAQ
  6. Chopped dates

Original dates have an oval shape, semi-dry texture, amber to dark brown color, 2 to 4 cm in size and 6 to 9 grams in weight. These cases show the high quality of Sayer dates, which is very important in export. The moisture content of these dates should be 15-18%. One of the good features of this dates is that it can be stored even for a year.

Compared to Medjool dates, Sayer date has a softer texture and a more reasonable price. These two types of dates have many similarities:

  • Long shelf life
  • Export quality
  • Low stickiness of the kernel to the date mantle

The size of Medjool dates is usually bigger and its color is darker. Therefore, you cannot buy Sayer dates as a substitute. But in cases where the price is the criterion, Sayer selected dates are a better offer.

Sayer SaDates Price

Sayer selected dates

In addition to the daily consumption of this type of date, it is used in other cases, such as in various food industries, including the preparation of date products (date chocolate, cake, biscuits and sweets, date juice, date paste, pickles and lavash). It is also used a lot in some countries to make alcohol.

For this reason, this date has many exports abroad, because it has a long shelf life and good quality. The sale of Sayer dates in Khuzestan is done in bulk and directly from the groves.

But for export, it is necessary to prepare the dates after sorting and washing, polishing them and packing them properly. This is done in mechanized date production and packaging factories.

What Does the Price of Sayer Dates Depend on?

sayer dates suppliers

Sayer dates are packed for export to most European and Asian countries such as England, Germany, Turkey, Russia, etc. The final price of this date is usually determined according to the following in the region:

  1. Color and quality of dates
  2. Number in pounds
  3. Sayer dates packaging
  4. Bulk or packaged
  5. Date cultivation place

All these cases are involved in the supply rate of Sayer dates in domestic and foreign markets. To know the exact price of the products, you need to specify the amount of purchase, selected grade and type of packaging.

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