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Date kernel powder is one of the date products useful for health. Here is the wholesale dates products at a reasonable price. This article describes the properties, uses and benefits of date powder.

Date Seed Powder

date palm kernel

According to the 2012 statistics of the World Food and Agriculture Organization – FAO – the production of dates in the world is 7,548,918 tons, and Iran ranks second after Egypt with the production of 1066,000 tons of dates. From this amount of date production, the used date kernel is usually thrown away. But if you are aware of the properties of this fruit and especially its kernel, you will not throw away the date seed.

Dates kernel occupies between 6 and 14% of date weight in different cultivars. It contains a significant amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, antioxidants and fiber. Some properties of date kernels are:

  1. Losing body weight
  2. For skin and hair
  3. Wound healing
  4. Increased immunity in pregnancy
  5. Excretion of kidney stones
  6. Eliminate watery eyes

This product is prepared from clean and dry milled date kernels in hygienic conditions. But do you know what date flour is good for and what are its benefits? In this article, we will mention more benefits of this product.

Date Kernel Powder Benefits

date seed powder uses

Maybe it has happened to you that after eating a date, you don’t throw away its core and think of using it. Date kernels can be used to make tea, coffee and flour. Just wash and dry the kernel after eating dates. Then turn it into flour in industrial mills.

Of course, we did this in the factory and the date kernel flour is ready for sale. In the following, we review some of the benefits and date seed powder uses:

  • To control and treat diabetes
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve the excretion of kidney stones
  • hair loss prevention
  • Rich in vitamins and useful minerals

Date kernel flour mixed with rice and wheat flour is used in baking, baking bread and date cookies. If you care about your health, then it is necessary to use useful and healthy food. Third-grade date powder is also used for animal feed, which is not included in the discussion of this article.

Date Kernel Powder Wholesale

date palm kernel oil

Mass production and packaging of this product is done in the factory. This product has three types of packaging:

  1. Bulk packaging of 10 kilos
  2. Cellophane packs of 200 grams
  3. Cylindrical box of 300 grams

The clean and washed kernels were used to produce date kernel flour and were completely ground. Date kernel powder is soft and uniform like other flours. Therefore, you will not see any roughness in baking bread and cakes. Date kernel flour is sold in bulk and at EXW price. For export, this product will be sent in special packaging according to the order.

As we said, many products can be produced from date kernels:

  • Date kernel flour
  • Date seed tea
  • Dates coffee
  • Date palm kernel oil

Each of these products has many medicinal and therapeutic properties. The ground date kernel has a long shelf life and it is sufficient to store it in a dry and cool place. This powder has a light brown to dark color and will give a pleasant and special taste to sweets.

If you intend to import all kinds of date products, just contact us to buy online, so that we can provide you with the complete list of products. After eating date products once, you will come to the conclusion that you should not neglect the properties of dates.

Why do you drink palm kernels?

date seed tea

One of the very important properties of date kernel powder, which has a hot and dry nature, is controlling blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes. For this reason, producing coffee from date palm kernels as a tea is suitable for these people. Powdered date kernels are easily brewed in hot water and make a delicious coffee.

Many people who are on a diet to control their blood sugar are worried about eliminating certain foods or consuming products that are harmful to the body. Therefore, date seed powder for diabetes is useful and it is recommended to introduce products such as palm seed coffee and palm kernel tissue to these people.

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