Dates Exporting Countries 2021

Which are the dates exporting countries in 2021? How much did these countries export annually? In this article, the amount of date export to Kazakhstan is discussed.

The marketing and commercial activities of Arad Date palm are aimed at boosting the date market and introducing different varieties of this product at the global level. Exporting dates to Kazakhstan is one of the prospects that there is hope to expand activities with businessmen and customers of this country.

Kazakhstan Introduction

Export to Kazakhstan

The Republic of Kazakhstan is one of the largest landlocked countries in Asia. In such a way that it is considered one of the ninth largest countries in the world.

China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are neighbors of this country. The current capital of Kazakhstan is the city of Nur-Sultan, which was changed from Almaty to this city in 1998.

Since there are traces of Persian literature and the history of relations between these two countries, it is easy to enter into negotiations with this country in terms of economy and exchange of goods. In addition, the northeastern coast of the Caspian Sea is also in this country. This provides a path for commercial exchanges.

The economy of this country relies to a large extent on agriculture, oil and rich underground resources. The import of products including dates to this country has grown a lot in the past years. It is expected that a huge share of Iranian dates will enter the markets of Kazakhstan.

Top Dates Exporting Countries

Dates Exporting Countries

According to the reports of the State Revenue Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the statistics of dates exporting countries in 2020 and 2021 are given in the above table. In a glance at this table, it can be seen that the total export of 6 exporting countries is 1477 tons. While the export volume of Iranian dates was 35 thousand tons.

This means that the volume of date imports to Kazakhstan alone is about 24 times that of other exporters this year. Also, in 2021, the amount of exports from Iran to Kazakhstan will be about 10 times that of other countries.

Which Country Is the Largest Exporter of Dates?

Largest Exporter of Dates

According to the obtained statistics, the amount of Iranian dates exports to Kazakhstan in the last 4 years and also the first 5 months of 2022 can be seen in the table above. According to these reports, about 14 thousand tons of dates worth 5 million dollars have been exported to Kazakhstan in the first months of 2022.

Meanwhile, 38,700 tons of dates worth 16,000 dollars were sent to this country in 2021. This volume has grown significantly compared to previous years. Of course, most Iranian dates are exported to Kazakhstan at the beginning of the harvest season. Then it is kept in the cold room and gradually enters the market.

For this reason, the volume of dates exported from Iran has been included in the statistics of the Kazakhstan government in the first 5 months.

Iranian Dates Suppliers

Iranian Dates Suppliers

Considering the diversity of Iran’s export dates, different qualities of this product are exported to many countries in Asia and Europe every year. Among Iranian dates types that have been sent to the Republic of Kazakhstan, the following varieties can be mentioned:

  1. Mazafati dates
  2. Zahedi dates
  3. Piarom dates
  4. Kalite date
  5. Sayer dates

According to the estimates, the largest share is allocated to Mazafati dates with about 80%. Among the most important reasons for the high share of Iranian dates in the Kazakhstan market, the following can be mentioned:

  • The freshness and different taste of Iranian dates
  • Some cultivars are produced only in Iran
  • Iranian dates price is lower than dates of other dates exporting countries
  • Shipping and delivery costs are more appropriate

Iranian dates suppliers can supply the product with different qualities in the southern regions. Therefore, it is possible to introduce dates with different quality and prices for export. In this way, the market of the destination country can be better covered.

Mazafati Dates Iran Exporters

mazafati fresh date

Although this variety is known in Mazafati Bam dates, it is also produced in other regions. Including:

  • Jiroft
  • Ghale ganj
  • Sistan and Baluchestan
  • Hormozgan

It is true that Mazafati cultivated in these areas cannot be compared with Bam dates. But it has the ability to export. In addition, Saravan and Jiroft dates are exported to many countries such as Afghanistan and India. Exporting Mazafti dates to countries like Kazakhstan requires proper packaging.

These dates are usually prepared in 5 or 10 kg bulk cartons. Smaller boxes weighing are  600 grams for sale in international markets. Arad date palm company has the possibility of accepting bulk and export orders according to the needs of the target market. Just contact one of the advisers of the collection and submit your request.

This way you can experience a profitable and reliable business. Buy the right date with the quality and price of the region. Then receive it in special packaging with your own brand. The sale of additional dates is usually done as EXW. But in cases where customers do not have export experience or are other than overseas traders, Arad date palm will deliver the cargo as FOB or CIF.

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