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Dates syrup buy online is one of the ways to order products. This product has an analysis and hygiene sheet. It is possible to export date juice to Turkey and other neighboring countries. In this article, we will discuss this topic more.

Original Date Syrup

Dates syrup buy online

The production processes of date products are different. Sometimes they are produced manually and sometimes industrially. Date syrup is no exception to this rule. The preparation of this product was done at home or in the workshop with old methods. The steps needed for cooking and juicing dates were all done by hand with the help of workers. It was a difficult and time-consuming process.

Today, with the advancement of food industry machinery, the process of preparing and packing date syrup is done industrially without manual intervention. Although the manufacturing of related devices costs a lot, but for factories that produce this product, it is the best option to speed up work and manage costs.

If high-quality and clean Kabkab dates are used to prepare industrial date syrup, the final product will be an natural and original date syrup. There is an analysis and hygiene sheet for this product and it is approved by the relevant ministries. Therefore, a product called date juice can be easily exported to other countries. Now you say which is the best date syrup?

Dates Syrup Benefits

Dates Syrup Benefits

Most date products have the natural properties of dates due to the absence of additives. For this reason, they will be useful for the treatment of many diseases. Natural date syrup , with a sweet taste and dark brown color, along with sesame flour, is a suitable option for breakfast and daily energy supply. Do you know what you are doing to your body by eating this product for 3 days a week?

  1. Warming the body and relieving cold
  2. Improve bone and joint pain
  3. Treatment of anemia
  4. Get energy
  5. Removes infected wounds
  6. Treatment of kidney and bladder disorders

You can easily end many body disorders by eating a natural and healthy food. Just care about your health and always use healthy and nutritious food. This product is rich in iron, calcium, vitamins and potassium.

Dates Syrup Buy Online

Date syrup buy

Iran is one of the first producers and exporters of dates in the world. Therefore, it is possible to export date products, including date syrup , from Iran. Many countries that produce date syrup , such as Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, India, and the United Arab Emirates, sell their products in the market. The variety of succulent date varieties in Iran and the existence of date sap production factories can be considered an advantage for Iran.

The original date syrup must have a series of characteristics approved by the international market, such as:

  1. Attractive and hygienic packaging according to the needs of the target market
  2. Having a product analysis sheet
  3. Inserting information about the nutritional value of the product
  4. Date of manufacture and expiration
  5. Having standard licenses and Halal mark
  6. ISO and BRC certificates
  7. Ability to produce and send products in high volume
  8. Obtaining necessary permits from customs

By checking these items to send the product to other countries, one can take steps towards marketing and product introduction with more confidence. Arad Dates group has the possibility to cooperate with merchants and export customers. You can contact us to buy bulk and packaged date syrup .

Types of Date Juice Packaging

Date Juice Packaging

One of the things mentioned for the export of date juice is its packaging. Buying date syrup online and in bulk is usually cheaper. But the packaged samples have different prices according to the weight and type of packaging. The types of date syrup packaging are:

  • 100g single pack (or breakfast date syrup )
  • Box of 250, 450 and 900 grams
  • Canned packages
  • Bulk date syrup (25 kg jars)
  • 6 or 12 shelves

Individual packages of date syrup are ideal for consumption in hotels, passenger reception, offices and welfare complexes. Buying date syrup in bulk for passenger and airline companies will be at a special discount.

Where to Dates Syrup Buy Online?

Date syrup is prepared naturally from date fruit and does not contain any additives or sugar. For this reason, it is suitable for use in children’s food, together with milk, and for baking porridge or cookies. But where to buy bulk or packaged date syrup?

To choose and buy a high-quality and natural product, you can refer to reputable online sales centers. Arad Dates company has also provided the possibility of online shopping for the convenience of customers and to save time. You can register your request by completing the relevant form. Our sales experts will introduce suitable packaging according to the type of your order.

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