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Maybe this question has occurred to you too; Are there dates without seeds? In response to this question, we must say: Yes; Some dates undergo a series of changes during growth and before harvesting. In fact, the cause of date pitting is genetic mutations.

This causes the core or seed not to grow in the date fruit. Therefore, at the time of harvesting the date and separating it from the cluster, the fruit will be seedless.

Sometimes Kabkab, Shahani and Pyaram dates are pitted. For example, Jahrom seedless dates are usually used to produce date products. Also, Piarom seedless dates are purchased for the production of date paste. In terms of quality and price, pitted dates are ranked lower than un-pitted dates. Usually, they will be different from the A grade cultivars in terms of color and taste.

But there are other types of pitted dates that are pitted by a machine in the factory or at home with a knife. This type is more common and has a higher variety in terms of quality. This date is soft and can be eaten easily.
But they are not the same as dry dates. Dried dates have a harder texture and it is more difficult to remove the core.
Soft and dry dates without seeds can be eaten with drinks instead of sugar.

Pitted Dates vs Un-pitted Dates

pitted vs unpitted dates

Pitted dates are a fruit whose core has been removed. Its opposite is Un-pitted dates. Date fruit with a seed inside. The difference between these two is having or not having a seed!

Many varieties of dates exported in the world, such as Medjool dates, Daglet Noor dates, as well as Sayer dates, are known for their seedless type and are in greater demand. Due to its semi-dry texture and different grades, Sayer dates have been able to compete well with the export varieties of other countries.

Exported pitted dates have several advantages. Some of them are:

  1. Easier to use
  2. The best sugar substitute
  3. Can be used to produce date coffee
  4. Ideal for producing dates with nuts
  5. Seedless dates are good for the heart and kidneys.

The nutritional value of this date is equal to: 20 calories, 0.03 gr of total fat, 5.33 gr of carbohydrates and 0.6 gr of fiber.

Pitted Sayer Dates for Export

Pitted Dates

Sayer date is one of the most important and best-selling date varieties in Iran. Stamaran dates can be produced in the following grades:

Core removal process is performed by the device and in a hygienic manner. Usually, seedless dates are exported to European countries such as England, Russia and Germany. Since World War II, this date was chosen by the British government as food for soldiers. It is still one of the purchase options of most European merchants.

Sayer dates for export are available in two types, with and without seeds. But what is the reason for more acceptance of the pitted type in addition to the mentioned advantages? The cost of pitting and producing seedless dates for export in Iran is more suitable. For this reason, buyers prefer this step to be done in Iran. In this way, it will be easier to package dates and distribute them in the stores of the target market. Other pitted dates are also used to produce date chips.

Pitted Dates Price

Pitted Dates packed

Bulk seedless dates are more in demand. Most of them buy other exported dates in 5 and 10 kg cartons. It is also possible to pack in lower weights according to customers’ requests. One of the most popular types of packaging is the 500-gram pressed seedless dates. Pitted dates price is higher compared to the types with seeds. Of course, it also depends on the grade of dates, the type of packaging and the amount of the order.

To buy this product and get the price, you can register your request on the site. Arad Date palm sales experts will contact you and guide you to complete the order. Exported pitted dates also have their own licenses and standards. At the time of loading and sending the product at the customs, it is possible to issue permits.

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