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Wednesday , December 8 2021
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Fresh dates

Fresh dates have a lot of variety in Iran. Mazafati dates and Kebkab dates are among the fresh dates.  Kabkab dates and rutab have a soft texture and juice. Fresh dates are one of the best tonic dates in the world.

Cheapest Wholesale Dates Market in Iran

Iran Dates

Wholesale dates market in Iran has many advantages for traders. Iran is one of the largest producers of dates in the world, and you can find dates in Iran with different breeds and samples, each of which is different in appearance, size and color. Iran dates have a lot of …

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Best Variety of Mazafati Dates

mazafati dates

Mazafati dates is one of the most popular and delicious types of dates in Iran. It is also called Mazafati Rotab; Rotab means the stage of dates before being fully ripe. Mazafati palm could live at least 60 years. These dates are very nutritious and high in calories. These kinds …

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Supplier of Mazafati fresh dates

mazafati fresh date

Mazafati fresh dates are a type of dates produced in Iran in Bam and Jiroft. Suppliers of Mazafati dates export this product to the world in 600 gr packages at factory price. What are Mazafati dates? Rutab and dates are exported from Iran’s best-selling varieties cultivated in Bam city. Mazafati …

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mazafati dates price in Iran

Mazafati dates price

Mazafati dates are available for sale in different weight and qualities. The Arad Date group offers a variety of Bam and Jiroft Mazafati dates in different packaging and weights.  Contact us to buy dates with reasonable prices. Learn more about mazafati dates Mazafati dates are popular and best selling products. …

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