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Friday , November 22 2019

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Kabkab dates and Iranian fresh date suppliers

Kabkab dates

Kabkab dates to be exported to other countries at a great price. These dates are cultivated in different regions of Iran. The quality of the dates is different depending on the weather in the area.  You can contact us to buy and sell Kabkaab dates. Kabkab dates suppliers Kabkab dates …

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Fresh dates for sale and export

fresh dates

Fresh dates have a higher moisture content than dry dates. If stored in a refrigerator container and the temperature is kept fresh for 8 months. Dry dates have longer life spans. For sale and export of fresh dates you need special packaging and appropriate storage conditions. Fresh dates or dried …

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Dried rabbi dates and Suppliers of Iranshahr

Dried Rabbi Dates

Dried rabbi dates are of Iran’s bestsellers and exporters. Due to the dryness and similar appearance of dates, these dates are a good option for introducing into the world markets. Rabbi dates have high shelf life and enough sugar. The delicious taste of this appetizing fruit is well-suited. Dried Rabbi …

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Buy Iranian dates online from export companies

Buy Iranian dates

Buy Iranian dates from the country’s largest suppliers is possible. Import of Iranian dry dates to most Asian and European countries. Online sales of dates by exporting companies are useful for saving time and choosing the best date variety for business travelers. Which country has the best dates? Iran’s capacity …

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Sayer dates suppliers and Exporter Company in Iran

sayer dates suppliers

Sayer dates suppliers in Iran are often located in Khuzestan province. Interestingly, more than 60 percent of Iran’s export dates are produced in the region every year. Arad dates is one of the largest suppliers of sayer dates. This company exports all kinds of dates to Zahidi, Piarom, Mazafati, Rabbi …

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